About Sunburst

Named for the sun bursting over the buttes of the Sweet Grass Hills, Sunburst is a small friendly community that we are proud to call home.
We are located 20 miles west of these beautiful Sweet Grass Hills, 8 miles south of the Canadian Border and about 100 miles east of Glacier National Park.

The town today supports many businesses and boasts the finest schools in the state. Our businesses include a post office, credit union, telephone cooperative, municipal gas company, library, grocery store, restaurant, 2 bars, bulk gas station, 2 beauty shops, Laundromat, transloading service, insurance company, contractors, metal fabrication, grain elevator, medical clinic, photography studio and more.

We have 2 schools that serve families from Sunburst and the surrounding areas. Sunburst Elementary has an enrollment of approximately 110 and North Toole County High School has 60 students. Our schools are known nationally for their excellent science programs. Both schools are attended by students living in the nearby towns of Sweet Grass, Kevin and Oilmont, as well as on farms and ranches throughout northern Toole County.

We also have several churches in Sunburst. The Lutheran, Catholic and Methodist churches are all found within one block.

The town boasts a nice swimming pool that employs high school students as lifeguards. Every spring the town has a big celebration, Gala Days, and the event supports our pool. Adjacent to the pool are our tennis courts. We also have a nice baseball complex where several teams practice and play.

Our volunteer fire department is very active in the community and we have a great ambulance service. Police protection is maintained through the Toole County Sheriff Department with one deputy living in Sunburst. A branch medical clinic operates one day a week with the main clinic and hospital located in Shelby. And we also have a branch Library in Sunburst that boasts year-round activities for young readers.

The Town of Sunburst is governed by a Mayor and four council members who are elected officials. We also have three full time employees including two maintenance workers and the town clerk/treasurer. The Town supplies water to its residents from two wells located about 12 miles west of the town. Our electricity and natural gas are supplied by a cooperative located in Shelby.

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