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Welcome to the Town of Sunburst Online Newsletter!  Our Town newsletter will now be online and will be updated from time to time as new things arise. Older articles will be saved so if you don’t read the newsletter frequently, you won’t miss out.

Garbage Collection
We want to remind everyone that there are some exceptions to things you can place in our dumpsters. The garbage is compacted in the truck and there are some items that can damage the compacting device. Repairing the truck is very expensive and while it is being repaired we are forced to rent Shelby’s truck to collect garbage. T his has happened more than once in the past year so please put only allowed items in the dumpsters. Any large items that you would like disposed of can be picked up by the Town and brought to the dump for you at a cost of $20 per item. To make arrangements for a pickup, call City Hall @ 937-2141.
Items that are NOT allowed in the dumpsters are:
• Appliances
• Anything with Freon in it
• Tires
• Any metals that are harder than a coffee can
• Rocks & Dirt
• Batteries (small household batteries are okay)
• Chemicals
• Furniture
• Mattresses

If you need to put tree limbs and branches in the dumpster, make sure that they are cut into smaller pieces to fit into the dumpster with the lid closed.
Please do not put things beside the dumpsters. If the dumpster you normally use is full, feel free to use another dumpster around town.

We Want Your Opinion!

We receive complaints very frequently about drivers making U-Turns on First Street North between intersections. This happens very frequently when people drive into town from the east and make a U-Turn to park in front of the store, Post Office and bank. Many have complained that they were nearly hit by drivers parking this way. Others are concerned that backing out across both lanes is unsafe. The issue seems to be a problem that many people are very concerned about.
We brought your concerns to the Toole County Sheriff’s Department and were told that it’s not against any state law to make a U-Turn in the street unless the vehicle does a complete 180o turn. When making a U-Turn to park on the other side of the street the turn is not a full 180o so it is not illegal.

Your complaints have been relayed to the Council and it was discussed at a recent Council Meeting. At that time, Council discussed creating an ordinance to prohibit making these U-Turns between intersections. This would make it illegal and tickets could then be written to those who violate the new law. In discussing this possibility, the Council felt that it was important to find out how the majority of people in Sunburst feel about this issue and the possibility of an Ordinance banning such U-Turns. Would you be in favor of an Ordinance to end U-Turns between intersections? If so, do you want it to be specific to 1st Street North, or include all streets in Sunburst?

Please check one of the boxes below and feel free to include your comments on this issue. If there are enough people interested in the creation of such an Ordinance, the Council will then revisit the subject at a future meeting. Your Town Council is very interested in your opinion. Responses will be taken into account when deciding whether or not to address this issue.

U-Turns Ban
Would you be in favor of an Ordinance to end U-Turns between intersections?
Enter the code


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Winter is coming soon and along with it comes snow. It is forecasted that we will have a lot of snow this winter. We’ve already had our first snowfalls for the year and as the season continues we want to remind everyone of our snow policy.

“The Town of Sunburst tries to move a minimum amount of snow while providing access to all streets for all residents. The reason for minimum plowing is snow piles and snow ridges collect a lot more snow than level areas. We do not plow while it is blowing. We go out after the wind has died down, as you may have seen our plow out late at night and on weekends. If you have a specific problem, please call City Hall or Mayor Iverson. If we don’t get relief we will have to hire help to remove snow piles. Alleys are only plowed as needed for garbage pickup. Snow is not to be piled on the streets by residents or businesses. When removing snow from driveways, residents are also asked to pile snow somewhere other than the street.”

Residents who plow snow are being asked not to pile the snow in the streets. We have experienced snow piled in front of businesses and also where trucks park when filling tank water. These piles must be removed and the city crew does not have the extra time to move this snow.

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